Benefits of artificial turf

(1)Ideal for areas of heavy usage

Say goodbye to slippery lawns, muddy shoes in your home. Also, no more dead areas of grass to replace.


(2)Low maintenance

Costs are reduced and time is saved on maintenance. This is a great benefit for homeowners, the elderly, holiday home owners and organizations that need to upkeep various green areas.


(3)Cleaner and more hygienically safe

They are safe for children and pets which makes it an ideal solution for domestic lawns but also perfect for a wide variety of other applications which include swimming pool surrounds, roof terraces, patios, balconies, promotional areas, and sports pitches to mention just a few.


(4)All year round green

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye no matter what time of year.


(5)No watering

Ideal where water is scarce or in hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas.

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